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nomento sizes.jpg
nomento 4oz.jpg

4 ounce - $4


This little guy, affectionately known as the

"self control" size, is perfect for kids, snacking,

toting in your lunch box to work, or giving as gifts!

nomento 8 oz.jpg

8 ounce - $8


The popular kid. The perfect size for sharing... maybe. Just enough for a few sandwiches or a nice appetizer or stirring in to mac 'n cheese!

nomento 16 oz.jpg

16 ounce - $15


Shareable size! If you're worried it will go bad before you finish it...don't. This size is for those who know what's up!! Go big or go home.

nomento 32 oz.jpg

32 ounce - $25

"Party tub"

For the pros. This is the perfect size for a tailgate, toting to the lake or beach for the weekend, making appetizers for a shower or party, or just having on hand when the mood hits!

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