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"I have never liked pimento cheese, and I've tried them all.
Homemade, store-bought, family, recipes...all of them. And I do not like any of them.
When I met Margaret, everyone was raving about hers, so I thought I'd just be kind and try it. So, I did.
And now, I'm obsessed. I will eat this as a meal, a snack, or just because I crave it!
It's the perfect texture and has a subtle bite to it. I can't get enough!"- Kristen T.

No-Mento Cheese-----

nm 11.jpg

Back in 2011, Chef Margaret and company opened a small lunch restaurant called The Marketplace Cafe in Huntsville. Having never liked Pimento Cheese herself, it was not an original item on the menu. But through gentle nudges from friends and family, she knew that a lunch restaurant in the South, catered to ladies-lunching, had to have some form of Pimento Cheese on the menu. So she set out to create one that she could actually tolerate...leaving out the classic Pimentos.

Through rigorous recipe developing and lots of input from some very happy taste-testers, the No-Mento Cheese was born. Made with all white cheeses, a hint of Chipotle, and not a single Pimento in sight, the No-Mento Cheese was in instant favorite and best-seller at the cafe. Customers came from far and wide to have a scoop or a panini or take some home by the pound.

Since its debut, the No-Mento Cheese has been loved and enjoyed by thousands...on wedding and party menus, at tailgate gatherings, over lunch with crackers, or just straight from the container with a spoon. The No-Mento has converted many-a Pimento Cheese hater over the years and has brought joy to all who have tasted it.

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