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------frequently asked questions

Q: How long will the No-Mento Cheese last?

A: We don't have an official expiration or "best by" info yet, but will say this- we made a batch in March 2021 and kept a container of it in the fridge, scooping out of it every now and then...and by September 2021, it is still not moldy or spoiled. Safe to say- you will finish it LONG before it goes bad!

Q: Is it spicy?

A: A tad! We like to say it "tingles" but doesn't burn. It's children and elderly-approved!

Q: Where can I buy it?

A: We are currently working on proper licensing and distribution and nutritional info to be able to get it in to some stores! In the meantime, you can find us at farmer's markets and selling it the old-fashioned way! Stay tuned!

Q: Is it Keto-friendly?

A: YEP! But as with any food, moderation is key. As much as you will want to, eating mass amounts of cheese, no matter what diet you follow, can potentially have adverse effects.

Q: What's with the Bacon Jam I keep hearing about?

A: That's another product Chef Margaret is known for, but does not have plans to mass-produce it at this time. The recipe will be in her cookbook, and until then, if you have to have some- drop us a line!

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